Our Story

Our Mission
We believe it is important and necessary to get back to the basics of consuming and using healthy, plant based products. Most hair, body and skin care products contain chemicals that are not healthy and don't really improve the quality or health of your hair, body or skin. In an age of quick, easy, and cheap take a break and say hello to quality, healthy and affordable.  

In addition to our concern about healthy hair and skin care products we have always felt inspired to improve and impact our community through entrepreneurship. We think it is vital to invest in education/innovation and to encourage and inspire young people to reach their highest potential. Our vision is to donate resources to deserving students with a dream and passion for creating a better world.


Our Founders
We are Mary and Darrell Johnson, husband and wife and business partners. As Chicago natives (born and raised) we are excited to invite you into our world of healthy hair, body and skin care products. In January of 2017, Hello to Natural LLC was born. After thinking, planning and researching we decided to create a company that we could be proud of and that could benefit people.
Darrell and I both come from big families and enjoy spending time with them. We love reading, listening to and creating music and both have a knack for cooking. We invite you to go on this journey with us and try our products or support our cause to help educate and invest in the children of tomorrow! Either way, thanks for visiting our site and be sure to tell your friends and family about us! 


Darrell J.

Darrell is a software engineer by trade, having worked at some of the biggest tech companies as well as at startups in Chicago.  Throughout his years in the tech industry, he has grown into becoming an entrepreneur, bolstered when he met Mary, his wife.  Mary and Darrell have partnered on a number of ventures in the past, including a catering business called Sandora Foods and an event planning business called Marrell Events.  Darrell has always had the drive to learn new things and try new things, which is what happened when Mary introduced him to the wonderful world of shea butter, black soap, and natural beauty products.  He is driven to do the best work possible and deliver the best product and experience in everything he does. He recently has started a side venture in music which can be found here.

Mary J.
Mary is a sales, account management and marketing professional.  She has a vast background of experience working for some of the most notable Fortune 500 companies.
Over the years, Mary's experiences has lent her the expertise to thrive in most professional working environments. It has also prepared her to pursue her personal interests in entrepreneurship and innovating and cultivating ideas and products. Meeting her husband Darrell, almost a decade ago, and realizing they shared a similar passion of building and growing a business cemented their destiny. After eight years of marriage, and two or three business ventures later, they find themselves finally at a point where they have realized a dream they could have only imagined. Mary has spent years using, buying, supporting and loving her natural hair and skin products. When Darrell's urgency and passion to finally jumpstart a new project merged with Mary's natural product obsession, Hello To Natural was born.