The Benefits of Water Fasting

Mary and I started a tradition within our marriage to start the year off with a water fast.  We do this for a variety of reasons.  We fast for the spiritual benefits, to seek the face of God as we begin a new year.  It can bring mental clarity, illuminating insights that might be otherwise overlooked.  There's also the health benefits.  After a holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings, we consume foods that are delicious and satisfying, but by New Year, we try to reign in our eating.  There are many more benefits to water fasting, and we want to share them with you.

Water fasting is a healthy habit

Drinking water is necessary to keep bodily functions running smoothly, while water fasting promotes certain benefits for our organism. To enjoy these advantages, all you need to do is drink water before eating anything in the morning (at least the first of the 8 glasses of water that are recommended every day). If you wait a bit to eat or drink anything else, then you’ll be water fasting and enjoying every benefit it provides.

Water fasting activates the metabolism and gets it ready for the rest of the day. Having access to a source of water to drink first thing in the morning and during the rest of the day will guarantee a correct hydration.

Some of the benefits of water fasting that can be listed include:

Provides oxygen to every organ

Our organs use water to function. Correct hydration guarantees that the brain get access to the oxygen it needs to perform its functions through blood currents. 

Cleans kidneys

Thanks to water, kidneys are able to perform the diuresis process that produces urine. This secretion is possible thanks to water reaching the kidneys, thus eliminating toxines and other unnecessary substances. 

Helps absorbing the right nutrients

In order to absorb nutrients and for them to be transported from blood to cells, water must act as a dissolution. 

Helps you get healthier skin

Water fasting will get you healthier skin, as it improves its hydration and elasticity. You’ll notice how it becomes smoother and more elastic!

Protects muscles and joints

Muscles and joints also get access to the benefits of water fasting because of the protection they provide.

Don’t wait to drink water until you’re thirsty, which is a feeling that gets less reliable as we get older. While water and its secretion helps us get rid of toxins, excessive drinking can also cause the contrary: mineral salts that are needed for our vital functions can be dissolved by unrestrained water drinking. So remember to keep the balance!

It’s a good idea to always carry water with you. Having access to this invaluable liquid is the way to make sure you stay hydrated, both for water fasting and the rest of the day. Water dispensers are strongly advised so that workers improve their well-being and, as a consequence, their productivity.


  • Monica L. said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this article! This is very helpful and it definitely reminded and informed me on the importance of not only drinking water but fasting with water to clean out my system!

    August 25, 2023

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