Autumn is here! We love the changing of the seasons, the colors of the leaves, and everything....
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Autumn is here!

We love this time of year. The leaves change colors and fall from the trees, reminding us of the changing seasons and that we've made it through another season of the year!

We are preparing to bring back all of our custom signature butters, including whipped shea butter, whipped mango butter, and the all new shango butter!

In addition we are launching a new product in October!

Hello To Natural Clay Facials Coming Soon!

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Top Fragrances for Fall!

Many potential notes are used to make unique fragrances, but here we will discuss the top 5 most used notes in fall fragrance.


Jasmine has a sweet scent and originating from India, France, Morocco, Western China, Italy, and Egypt. Its texture is fresh and green with a narcotic and sweet aroma and provides a velvety feeling of sensuality and comfort. It intensely is green when used in a natural form and synthesized in the lab. However, Jasmine note has a classically feminine smell and is also known as an extremely popular mid-note.

Examples: Amber White (W), Pussy (W), LMAO (W), Libre (M), Angel (M)


Vetiver is the most popular fall fragrance note, which is indispensable in perfume production. Exuding earthy and robust woody notes, it was exclusively used to create colognes for men a few decades ago. Although perfume makers began to use it for a long time to develop unisex perfume as their main ingredient. Vetiver note is widely used in perfumes to create a sweet fragrance.

Examples: Savage (M), Red Number 5 (W), Eternity (W), Water (M)


Blackberry note is typically a fruit note, but it has a fall’s magic that reveals lusciousness and fullness. Often blackberry notes are supplemented by musk, complex woody, or amber notes. However, perfumes that are made with blackberry notes’ central theme are bold, sexy, and adventurous.

Examples: Crush (W), Angel (M), Viva (W)



Ylang-Ylang has a beautiful floral and sweet scent with a benzoate touch used in alternative aromatherapy treatment. Ylang-Ylang is found in South East Asia, Burma, the Philippines and Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, and Papua New Guinea. This note is erotic and rich floral scent also has subtle banana tones. Simultaneously, its natural sweetness is suitable for more decadent scents that need to be lightened.

Examples: Crush (W), Baby Powder (W), Creed (W), Blush (W)


Amber is a classic base note that is a sweet, spicy, and warm ingredient from fossilized tree resin. Amber is easily found across the world. Its scent can be slightly different depending on its place of origin since Amberoxen is one of the most valuable natural elements and considered the default base note for fragrance. Because Amber has a strong, intense, and strong fragrance, it is only used in small amounts in perfume blends.

Examples: Amber White (W), Blush (W), Black Man (M), Rebel Sand (M), Guilty (W), Maki (M)


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