The Summer Value Set

The Summer Value Set

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YSL Libre & CK: Intense Eternity (M) Set 
Egyptian Musk Facial Wash, Egyptian Musk Mango Butter, Inspired by YSL Libre and CK: Intense Eternity Scented Body Oils

Creed & Aqua Di Gio (M) Set
Egyptian Musk Facial Wash, Rebel Sand Mango Butter, Inspired by Creed Aventus and Dior Savage Scented Body Oil

Gucci Guilty & Dior (M) Set
Egyptian Musk Facial Wash, Rebel Sand  Mango Butter, Inspired by Gucci Guilty and Dior Savage Scented Body Oils



Pink Sugar & Amber White (W) Set
Lavender Facial Wash, Pink Sugar Mango Butter, Inspired by Pink Sugar and Amber White Scented Body Oils

Versace & Gucci (W) Set
Lavender Facial Wash, Rose Gold Mango Butter, Inspired by Versace Bright Crystal and  Gucci Guilty Scented Body Oils

Pineapple and Coconut & Apple Mango Tango (W) Set
Lavender Facial Wash, Pineapple and Coconut Mango Butter, Inspired by Pineapple and Apple Mango Tango Scented Body Oils