As a husband and a man, I know that men are not as concerned about skin care as we should be.  Beauty topics in general are not typically of interest to men.  These topics are seen as topics that pertain to women, and men don't take as much care as we should.

As we age and our skin starts to change and look a little less vibrant than it used to look, we start to realize that we can no longer just wake up, splash some water on our faces, and go about our day. It takes at least a little bit of attentiveness, and it turns out that a little bit can go a long way.

I discovered this product known as shea butter when my wife was using it to do her hair.  I asked about this yellow butter she was putting in her hair, and did some research, and it turned out this product has a lot of benefits beyond just using it for hair as my wife used it.  After asking around among my friends, it turns out most men don't know about shea butter and that it can be used by men as well.

Excellent daily skin moisturizer for face and body

Don't get caught looking ashy.  Use daily in the morning and the evening to keep your skin from looking dull.  Whipped shea butter is best for this because it has been combined with oils that make the shea butter smooth and easy to apply.

Restores elasticity to skin and reduces blemishes and wrinkles

Applying shea butter to areas around skin blemishes and wrinkles has been shown to reduce their appearance. Many people don't realize it, but our eyes work hard every day, and thusly the skin around the eyes expands and contracts frequently throughout the day.  To reduce the occurrence of wrinkles around the eye, keep a jar of shea moisturizer such as this one, and apply some shea around the eyes at least once a day.

Excellent moisturizer for both eczema and psoriasis

Vitamins and benefits found in shea butter are beneficial toward relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms.  Just apply to the skin on those areas.

Helps softens tough skin on hands and feet

At the end of a hard day, you'll find that the skin on the feet can get tough and dry.  Shea butter is really nice for taking care of your feet.  It can be applied to the rough and crusty parts of your hands and your feet to smooth things out.

Dry, itchy skin and scalp relief

If you find that your scalp is often dry and itchy, shea butter works well to moisturize the scalp.

Use after shaving to reduce razor irritation and bumps

After shaving, shea butter is good for reducing the irritation that can be caused by razor bumps.  You should use shea butter as a skin moisturizer to go on after using an antiseptic such as aftershave. 

Shea Butter is a versatile product for men. Whipped shea butter in particular is very convenient because it's easy to use and smooth to apply.  Check out our Egyptian Mist Shea Butter that's whipped with egyptian musk to give it a nice scent.

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