The W.A.P. Set

The W.A.P. Set

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Curated collection of our sexy, sensual, naughty and risky scented body oils. 

Original "WAP" Set:

  • Butt Naked 
  • Lick Me All Over
  • Come To Me
  • Eat It Raw (green type) - OR- (clear purple type)

Sexy Set:

  • Butt Naked
  • Velvet Sugar
  • Be Delicious
  • Lush Celebrate

Sensual Set:

  • Lick Me All Over
  • A Thousand Wishes
  • Beyonce Pulse
  • Baby Phat

Naughty Set:

  • Come To Me
  • Happy
  • Champagne Toast
  • Strawberry Musk

Risky Set:

  • Eat It Raw (green type)- OR- (purple type)
  • Marc Jacob's Daisy
  • Rose Gold
  • Mango Butter

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